For energy users that spend more than £100,000 a year and want the benefits that the market holds for larger consumers, or for the larger consumers who would prefer a service less involved than a comprehensive Corporate Procurement Service, the M&C Cost SMART service offers a solution.

M&C Energy Group, utilising all our global buying power, has created a service that combines your and other customers’ energy requirements to assist you to obtain the benefits that larger consumers enjoy.  Unlike other services available we don’t limit flexibility, thereby allowing you to manage energy spend in line with your business objectives.

Risk Assessment / RISK Unit Allocation

At the start of the process you will be given a forecast of your current energy costs for the next 3 years, together with a risk & opportunity matrix relating to that forecast.  You will then be able to select a series of Risk Units to purchase, allowing the energy spend to be managed in accordance with your chosen risk profile.

Monthly Cost Reporting

Every month you will receive an independent report of your energy position and the risk associated with it, along with a Scenario Analysis of what the position would have been if you had utilised different Risk Units.

Monthly RISK Unit Adjustment

Each month, you can change the mix of Risk Units in your portfolio.  We provide a price for each type of Risk Unit, and give you the chance to sell those you have and purchase others.  The units are then placed in your portfolio and the Monthly report updated.

Managed Portfolio

You may prefer M&C to determine the procurement strategy and, as such, you can join one of our managed portfolios which we run on your behalf.  Ask us about their performance.

Invoice Reconciliation

Each month your cost is a combination of the performance of the Risk Units and the transportation costs.  M&C Energy Group will check that the suppliers calculate the invoice correctly, and resolve any queries on the calculation of the invoice.