Triad Warnings

Triad Warning Service from M&C Energy Group:

  • Reduce National Grid Transmission Charges
  • Secure bottom line, accountable savings
  • Next day reporting
  • Reliable,  Independent warning service

What are the Triads?

If you purchase your electricity on an ‘Energy Only’ basis, the annual cost of using the National Grid Transmission System is passed through at cost by your Energy Supplier. The charges are based on your average half hourly electricity usage during the UK’s three national system peaks, commonly referred to as the Triads.

M&C Energy Group provide an email warning service where we use our expertise to forecast when the Triads are likely to happen. This allows you to reduce consumption and save money.

Typically we will issue between 10 and 20 warnings each winter. The peaks normally occur on weekdays between 5 and 6 pm and we provide a warning 6-8 hours before.

Why choose the M&C Warning Service?

Our team have been providing Triad Warnings since 2004 and have never missed a Triad period despite issuing a low number of warnings; we believe this to be a unique achievement in the industry.

We also feel that you will benefit from subscribing to independent warning services such as ours rather than rely solely on your energy supplier.

M&C Energy Group also provide a next day report identifying how well you have responded to our warning, charting your half hourly consumption during the day and estimating the savings you have made.

Contact us now to subscribe to our Triad Warnings Service .

"I would very much like to continue our association with you to provide Triad warnings for this coming winter. This must be my 5th year at sending out these warnings to our Energy Managers within the RAF and other interested parties, so thank you for the offer."

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