Project Services

Changing energy consumption starts with changing something physical, from installing a simple heating controller, to replacing major plant or installing renewable energy technology.

Whatever the project, you must balance equipment cost against energy and carbon savings, and when work starts, manage the project to ensure downtime and disruption are kept at an absolute minimum.

At M&C, we have been implementing energy saving projects for as long as we have been identifying them through surveys.  From small changes to major refits, we bring a level of expertise that not only ensures that detailed feasibility studies are conducted and the right equipment is specified from the outset, but also ensures that the project is managed efficiently and completed on time. We also go beyond equipment and plant, managing the installation of new electricity, gas and water supplies and metering.

From inception to completion, M&C is able to handle every aspect of your project.  The work we do ensures you benefit from new equipment, plant or supply and that results after completion can be measured and verified.

Project Appraisal

As concerns about climate change intensify, many organisations are looking to renewable energy as a way to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to their environmental obligations publicly.  While financial incentives known as Feed-in tariffs have made renewable energy systems a more attractive proposition, matching the right technology to an organisation is difficult.  M&C conducts detailed renewables feasibility studies and options appraisals on behalf of our clients, ensuring that they are armed with all the necessary information to make sound investment and ecological decisions.

Project Implementation

Saving energy dictates physical changes.  These may be small, low-cost retrofit efficiency improvements, through to large-scale plant replacement and renewable energy deployment.  Lack of experience in this field can lead to projects that are over-specified, overrun and over budget.  M&C knows energy plants inside-out, whether it’s a compressor, boiler, combined heat and power unit, complete building management system or simple controller.  M&C can manage any energy project comprehensively, relieving the burden on your own people and delivering complete turnkey installations.

Performance Measurement

Almost all organisations now accept that they must act to reduce carbon emissions.  Many are taking decisive action, spending money on projects and new equipment in a drive to cut emissions.  However, perplexingly, the results of such incentives are rarely measured.

At M&C, we believe the most important aspect of any work or project designed to reduce consumption and emissions is the measurement and verification of the results.  Using sophisticated analysis techniques, M&C is able to validate and quantify savings in real time or retrospectively, providing measurable results in terms of pounds and pence, energy and carbon.

New Connections

Managing the installation of new utility supplies can mean dealing with up to ten organisations simultaneously in an industry notorious for delays and problems.  M&C’s New Connections team do nothing but manage this type of work, providing a single point of contact with strong relationships in the industry.

Able to design and specify new supplies, deal with all legal challenges presented by such work, and then manage the project through to meter installation and supply energisation, M&C’s New Connections team is there to ensure fast, painless deployment of new utility provision.

AMR Management

Data is an essential tool of energy management: if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

The UK government has an ambitious plan to have every home in the UK equipped with smart metering by 2020.  However, in the commercial market place, the roll out of smart metering is happening now, with conventional gas meters and small electricity meters being equipped with Automatic Meter Reading, or AMR technology.

M&C offers comprehensive AMR services, from initial installation to data acquisition and reporting, giving smaller organisations access to data that has until now been the preserve of big companies.