Efficiency Services

The language of carbon is well established, and the term ‘carbon’ is often used when ‘energy’ would be more appropriate.  However, we believe it is vital to remember that reducing carbon emissions starts with reducing energy consumption.

Contrary to an increasingly popular belief, this does not always mean replacing perfectly serviceable plants and equipment.

The question is, where do you start?  Whether large industry or small commercial operation, pressure is coming from every angle: the government, your customers and your shareholders all want you to reduce emissions and promote sustainability.  Furthermore, when every energy-consuming plant supplier promotes it products on its green credentials, who do you believe?

From conducting sustainability audits and identifying saving opportunities, to objectively reviewing proposals from equipment suppliers and instigating comprehensive Monitoring, Targeting and Training programmes, M&C is here to support you. We can improve the efficiency of your organisation, reduce emissions and save you both time and money.

Saving energy makes good business sense. At M&C Energy Group, we’ve been doing it for 35 years.

Monitoring, Targeting, Training

Individual diligence, responsibility and empowerment are just as important for reducing  consumption and emissions as changes to plant and equipment.  Whatever the sector, your organisation will benefit from the staff training we have developed, and continue to develop through ongoing feedback.  It is designed not only to better educate staff and raise awareness of key issues, but also to engage people from the top-down in targeted action programmes.

Efficiency Opportunity Management

From soap to servers, it seems that everything around us is being sold on its green credentials. In the field of energy consuming plant and services, it’s an even greater issue.  Many would have you believe that saving means you have to spend, spend, spend.

We are veterans at identifying the technologies that offer genuine benefits and rapid return on investment, and those that simply won’t, through objective analysis and evaluation.  Don’t take risks with investment decisions; take the support M&C offers.

Sustainability Audit

M&C will undertake a results-focused onsite energy and carbon audit, with the aim of identifying maximum savings for minimum cost by generating recommendations that are practical, straightforward to implement and measurable.  Furthermore, if required, M&C can take full ownership of the incentives, driving carbon reduction on your behalf, releasing your staffs time and providing energy cost savings that impact directly on your bottom line.