Demand Side Management

The price paid for mains electricity is increasingly dependent upon the supply capacity available during times of peak demand.

Peak demand is typically between 17:00 and 19:00 hours Monday to Friday, as the UK’s capacity to generate, transmit and distribute electricity competes with the growing demands of industry, commerce, transportation, street lighting and domestic use.

Power generators, grid operators and distribution companies all incorporate charges into their pricing structures that penalise peak time usage and incentivise peak demand reduction.

Major energy users are therefore guaranteed to benefit from undertaking an M&C Energy Demand Side Management Programme that can include a combination of the following products;

Triad Management

Triads are the three half hourly periods of national electricity demand each winter, and form the basis of National Grids Transmission charges to electricity users. The charges are regionally based and can be as much as £28 for each kiloWatt hour of demand during the triads. M&C Energy Group monitor UK demand and provide an e-mail based warning service that gives up to six hours’ notice of a potential triad occurring and allows customers to load manage during the half hour in question.

To assist in demand management on site, we can also provide an email report the following day identifying the savings made.

Red Zone Management

The 10 UK Electricity Distribution companies have standardised their charging structure for delivering electricity. The charges are now based on Red, Amber and Green time zones with Red zone being the weekday late afternoon period (typically 16:00 -19:30) The charges are intended to restrict peak time usage and some I&C users now pay a 21p delivery charge on energy which cost them less about 6p per unit to buy!

M&C Energy Group have developed a next day reporting service that identifies how much you have paid in Red Zone charges and encourages the movement of consumption from Red to Amber or Green time periods.

National Grid Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR)

M&C Energy Group have arrangements with demand aggregators that combine Industrial and Commercial energy users’ ability to reduce demand and offer this service to the National Grid. You would be paid to be ‘on reserve’ to the Grid and when a call to reduce demand came, would be paid to turn off plant.

A medium sized industrial site could achieve payments of up to £100,000 per annum by joining a short term reserve scheme for just 50 hours per year. We can offer advice and guidance on joining STOR