Enterprise Information

When it comes to energy and the environment, data management is a fundamental factor in the achievement of optimal performance.  However, the amount of information critical for the effective analysis and control of supply costs, energy consumption and environmental compliance processes is vast.

M&C Energy Group delivers a comprehensive data cleansing, management and maintenance service, which offers you the ability to access and interrogate all of your energy information online in a way that is tailored to your organisation and your needs.

Clients Energy Equipment / Asset Register Management

Many organisations fail to keep robust records of the energy and utility assets within their business.  Yet the only way to properly manage and target consumption reduction and energy efficiency is to maintain this register down to the finest detail.

M&C records this data and manage the change control process for all energy consuming assets and equipment within your business.

Invoice Data Processing and Electronic Document Management

Consuming energy generates a burden of documentation on your organisation, often relating to many remote locations.  Many organisations lose track of these.  M&C will input all of the data for all non-electronic energy documents and control them in a digital document warehouse.

Budget Setting

Budgeting energy and utility costs is a detailed process requiring expert knowledge.  M&C provides a bottom-up budget for each site in your portfolio, including all cost and tax elements, supporting documentation to independent sources for each regulated and taxation charge in the budget pack.

Larger organisations with sites in many locations can often fail to set utility budgets consistently to corporate assumptions or across multiple locations.  M&C can ensure that your budgets are normalised to underlying corporate assumptions and provide sensitivity analysis on these.

Quarterly Budget Review and Corporate Reforecasting

M&C not only supports the budget setting process, but also the latest estimate and reforecast process that may occur frequently throughout the financial year.

Monthly Invoice Reconciliation / Query Resolution

The accuracy of each invoice is checked by calculating a self bill for each meter in your portfolio.  All charges are then accurately calculated from first principles and checked against the supplier’s invoices.

The consumer receives a statement of which invoices to pay and which to dispute.

M&C resolves disputes directly with the supplier on the consumer’s behalf until a credit note or a new invoice is issued and we issue a monthly statement on the progress of these queries.

Monthly Accrual Reporting / Accrual Release Optimisation

Many organisations have significant accruals for commodity invoices, which are effectively tying up working capital.  By increasing cost visibility and the accuracy of the energy accrual, this capital can be reduced and the accrual minimised.

M&C calculates a self bill for all meters in the portfolio by the second working day of each month, which forms the accrual for the consumer.

After the invoices arrive, an accrual release is provided which contains the evidence pack for the release of the accrual, based on invoices received, queries resolved in the previous months and new queries raised.

Monthly Consumption Analysis

For each site you can determine a number of parameters  which we will use to evaluate your consumption, such as the previous month’s consumption, the same period in the previous year, consumption per value driver (e.g. sqm, capita, units produced etc) or consumption compared to a peer site in the group.  The outlying consumption data is identified and investigated, and transformed into an energy efficiency project opportunity list, helping you reduce your consumption.