M&C Energy Group has a comprehensive growth strategy centred around a combination of organic and acquired revenue growth.

To deliver the most benefit to our customers and to identify businesses which can improve M&C’s performance, we carefully choose which companies to approach, using parameters including:

  • Growth track record
  • Product innovation
  • Management competence and capability
  • Business culture and empathy with M&C
  • Market position and % share.

In an international business like M&C Energy Group, it is vital that the acquisition process is kept manageable.  So when we look to grow, we look to add new products or broaden our geographical coverage, rather than bolt-on deals within one management jurisdiction.  By phasing our acquisitions, we ensure that no single area of our business is over-burdened by the integration process, and that our growth is both manageable and sustainable.

Our most recent acquisitions have been:

2012 - Coleman Hines, USA
2010 - Utility Masters Ltd, UK
2010 - ETT GmbH in Germany
2010 - Creative Energy Solutions, Australia